How To Start A Tech Support Customer Care Company?: A Proper Guide



Tech support provides service to the customers. Say if an individual has bought a product, in case of any technical issue the customer then contacts the tech support company. It is helpful in solving IT related issues. So for instance an individual wants to get a product installed or upgraded a proper tech support team can help the user. Note that if a the product doesn’t have a tech support then this might affect preference of the users for that particular product.

One needs to note that a tech support company is different from a customer care company. The primary focus of a tech support company is to resolve technical issues. On the other hand a customer care company primarily focuses on the experience of the customer.

How to start a tech support customer care company?

Step 1. Firstly one needs to work out on the feasibility studies. It is important for one to know that what are the major technical issues that prevail in a particular area. For this one also has to be aware of the companies present who would be asking for such tech support.

Step 2. Since it is setting up of a company one need to be clear with the location of company, working staff’s requirement and the initial funds.

Step 3. It is very important to get a business registration. This is because companies like to work with tech support companies that are legally authorized. This helps them get funds for their company. This registration would also give the company the title of a startup. You need to get Shop Act license too.

Step 4. Once the company is registered one can raise funds for the company either by applying for loans or persuading other companies to help raise funds.

Once these formalities are done one can start the tech support customer care company.

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