What are the different fields of information technology?


Information technology is the new face of the world. It has a few distinct divisions which perform different jobs.

Different fields in information technology

  • Information technology consulting
  • Cloud computing
  • Computer forensics
  • Health information technology
  • Mobile app development technology

You choose an industry depending on your interest. It is possible to join any industry with basic level knowledge of information technology.

Software development is the highest earning aspect of information technology

Usually, according to the present market, those involved in software development and maintenance earn the highest amount of salary in the IT world. once you have developed a software maintaining it is also a huge task as you have to keep up with the ever-changing software industry and keep updating your product.

AI is the emerging field in the IT world

The new hype in the IT world is AI or artificial intelligence. AI helps to teach your computer a certain thing so that the next time your device comes across something like that it recognizes the previous piece of information. This is basically a stepping stone towards the development of robotics.

Major domains of the IT world

If you want to start up with the software world you should have knowledge in a couple of the following domains:

  • Machine learning
  • Data mining
  • Python development
  • Java
  • JavaScript development
  • Cloud engineering

So, if you have knowledge in at least some of these areas you can end up with a bright future in the IT world.

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