What Are The Latest Technologies In The Computer Field?


Computer technology has gone through unimaginable changes in the past few decades. There is no doubt that these machines have become an essential part of our lives, whether it is at our workplace or home. In the coming years there are surprising IT advancements that shall take place like augmented reality, visual reality, hybrid wireless technology, autonomous navigation technology, etc; many others. There is no end to human intelligence- True, and that is why new technologies are invented and introduced every now and then. Have you heard about Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence

The intelligence by machines is studied and analyzed; in the more basic language, it is an area of computer science in which machines are made which mimic the functions as humans do. In order to function in an intelligent manner, computers or machines must be able to display and interpret the following traits:

  • Reasoning and problem solving: By employing concepts of algorithms and probability.
  • Knowledge representation: Comprehensive knowledge about the world
  • Automated planning: Goal planning, scheduling and achievement by the intelligent agents
  • Machine Learning: Without the supervision of humans the machine should improve automatically through experience.
  • Understand Human language: the ability to read and understand human-written sources.
  • Robotics: Determination of location and motion planning
  • Social and General intelligence
  • Cognitive and computational brain stimulation
  • Speech recognition

This latest technology is advancing for superintelligence; which means a degree of intelligence surpassing the best of human minds. AI is certainly progressing and there may be a day when it may outperform humans.



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