What are the most common computer complaints IT workers get?


Today IT companies mostly deal with customer services. Employees get training on resolving the problems of their clients and provide solutions to the customer’s query in an optimal way, yet there are several computer complaints that can be easily solved but still addressed by the IT employees.

Below are some of the most reported computer complaints that go in the lap of IT workers.

Unable to connect to the Internet

Everything is online today, so there is a need for the internet to run that. Connection lost or no connection is one of the most addressed issues by the IT workers. It could have been just a network issue, or your LAN or Wireless connection is not working, everything goes to IT workers.

Slow or unresponsive computer

If your computer is slow, it is you who needs to fix that, because no one knows your computer more than you. IT workers can surely help on this, but before going to an IT employee for this issue you should what is wrong with your computer.

Resetting password

Because of someone mistyped their password a couple of times and locked themselves out, how can someone expect an IT employee to get into your pc and help you get your password back? But still, it needs to be addressed by an IT worker.

How to deal with documents?

Now, this is something which is very creepy. At least one should know how to edit, modify, or work with the documents. But still, for creating a rule, editing a document, or modifying it, IT employees need to work for your issue leaving all their important work.

Installing software to your computer

This is one of the easiest tasks which can be done even by a 7th or 8th-grade student. One just has to follow the instructions on the screen, and you are done. But still, l there are some clients or people who need the help of an IT employee when installing the software.

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